Sunday, June 15, 2008

Today, I had dinner with Sophia and some AGU Maryland program students. I have been so looking forward to this dinner since I heard that Sophia came to Japan. We got dinner in a Japanese style restaurant (but they sell Asian food, not Japanese food) enjoying chatting. After that, we went to Karaoke for about 2 hours. We sung some songs we sung in Maryland and had really really good time.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

I had great time in last Tuesday! I was so glad to chat with you 

Last Sunday, I took TOEIC test. It was my first time to take the test. I could answer all reading section’s questions, but I could not answer listening ones. Humm.. I realized that I need more listening skills!!  I have less 3 months left by my departure to Oregon. I have to study~~ study~~!

As I told you on chat, my preparation is not going well. Last week, I got an e-mail from UO written UO had not got my housing application. But I applied it and paid pre-fee, so I hope the e-mail was mistaken. If my housing form was not applied, I will have to live off campus and find the house by myself! I worry it.

I have lot things to do. But I also enjoy my school life and have good time with friends. This picture is about my friend’s birthday party!! You may be surprised to see it. they are so pretty, aren’t they?? This style of makeup was popular for Japanese girls about few years ago and we tried it.

Don’t worry!! I have never gone out in the style and I will never do so!! Hahaha~~(^^)

Friday, May 16, 2008

My Dream

Last Wednesday, I joined a lecture made by a professor of University of Oregon, which I will learn for a year. The professor is a Japanese woman and she still lives in Oregon now. She talked about her family (her grandfather is Soseki Natsume, a very famous Japanese novelist!) and the lecture was interesting. After the lecture I got an opportunity to see her. Even though I didn’t make any appointment, she willingly welcomed me. There were many her guests and she were very busy and I have little time to speak with her, but I was really lackey to see her in Japan before I go to UO.

Recently, I have many opportunities to think about my future. Though I have lots interest in various fields, I have not decided which job is good for me or which field is most suitable for me.

Last week, I saw a junior high friend for a while. We talked about our lives and she asked me “has not your dream to be an editor changed?” The question remembered me my best dream to be an editor and remake my favorite magazine. Actually I have felt it was impossible to be an editor in my bottom of heart because very few people were employed in publishing companies. But I was moved my dream has not changed for a long time and decide to make efforts to be it.

Yesterday, we had a guest speaker in a class. He is working as a sports journalist. His lecture was really interesting and cheered up our dream. He gave me an good opportunity to think about my special.

I love fashion, movies, sports and etc. Maybe, it is better to chose one field to specialize, but now I cannot choose one of them. Do not need to hurry. Actually I do not have plenty of time, but I want to do what I love and think about myself on my pace:)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Last weekends, I had a coming-of-age celebration in my hometown. Generally in Japan, they have the ceremonies in January, but my hometown has lots snow in winter, so we have the ceremony in May.

Almost all the girls (women??) wear Kimono, a traditional Japanese cloth. It takes lots time for us to wear it and also it cost much money, so we cannot wear it often. We can wear it for special party like this.

After the ceremony, I and my friends opened a time capsule, which we buried 8 years ago. I got a letter from 12-year-old myself. In the letter, many things were written, such as my family, my friend, my dog, myself, my hobby, my dream and so on. To my surprise, I could expect almost accurately how my life would be going on 8 years ago!! The letter sais “I will be a university student in Tokyo, my dream to be a cartoonist will be changed…” Umm, 12-year-old I might understand myself well 

In the evening, we have a party and enjoy talking. Some of my friends have already got jobs and now, they are working member of society. It was so good to talk with them and they served as a stimulus for my study.

Anyway, I spent really good vacation. I want to see my friends again in the near future.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It was April fool’s Day, today! Did you enjoy lying;)? I got a funny mail from my friend written: I got new boy friend^^. Last year, I got the similar mail from other friend, so I did not cheat. But, even though I know the mail is lie, I enjoyed it. Of course, we must not lie usually, but some pretty jokes bring our life good humor.

Now, the cherry trees are in full bloom. In Japan, there are so many cherry trees and we can easily see them. Tomorrow, I will go to a park which is famous for cherry trees. I will post some pictures in this blog soon.


Friday, March 7, 2008


Hello, everyone! How are you? (^^)

Recently, it is getting warm in Japan, so spring is coming. I feel good when taking a walk. I can’t wait till cherry blossoms come out.

By the way, I went to Seoul, Korea as a trip this week. I enjoyed my trip with a friend, Sayo. We have been in good term since we were little children (^^) Although we stayed in Seoul for 4 days, we arrived at Seoul on the midnight of Mar.2nd and left there on the morning of 5th, so we had only 2 days to go sightseeing.

First, we visited Korean beauty-treatment clinic and wash off the dirt. Every staffs spoke Japanese so we were relaxed and enjoy chatting. After taking the bath, we wore Korean traditional cloth called “chogori”. It was really cute and we took many pictures.

Afternoon, we visited Jongmyo. Jongmyo is the royal ancestral shrine of the Joseon dynasty (1932-1910) and it has been inscribed on the World Heritage List in 1995. The Main Hall is too long to take a picture of whole building.

Next, we went to Seoul Tower. The tower is third tallest tower of the world.

At night, we enjoyed shopping in East Gate(東大門). The area is famous of the fashionable buildings. I was surprised some buildings were open all through the night. Thanks to Ji-Won’s advice, we could get nice goods;)

In the next morning, we went to Shotoku-kyu(昌徳宮). This is also one of the World Heritages built in Joseon dynasty. There were so many Japanese people who joined the tour. Sometimes, it was hard to listen to guide’s voice

Suddenly, it started to snow heavily and it was so cold!! We bought 2 umbrellas and I got tights. We decided to have lunch and take a break.

We had Korean-style barbecued beef. They are soooooo delicious!! :) Even though we ordered only 1, we got many side dishes, and most of them were vegetables. I remembered the last night we spent in Maryland, when we went to Korean restaurant^^.

Afternoon, we took a walk in the market of South Gate(南大門). There were many shops of clothes, glasses and laver. Even if it was very cold, many people came to shopping. I bought a laver as souvenir and BB-cream. Recently, this cream is getting popular in Japan, and especially for young women, because a famous make-up artist recommended it.

At night, we saw a popular nonverbal musical in Seoul, Nanta. Performers play percussion instrument through a story. The story is that 4 cooks make diner for a wedding party and they use real cooking tools for the performance. I was really excited to the music they played and the story was also very funny. When you go to Seoul, try the musical! ^^

I had good time in Seoul. In the next time, I want to go other areas of Korea.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I am sorry I did not chat with you guys last Friday. I had part time job and I went to tapped-in about 11 pm. I heard that Nina and Sophia were there and left just minutes before I logged in. So sorry! (;_;) I am looking forward to chatting (←Sophia, Nina! Thank you for good advice!! ) next time.

By the way, recently I have so excited to play winter sports and watch some of games on TV. I love snowboarding so much, but I don’t have many opportunities to go to snowboard because there isn’t a skiing slope nearby. I will go to snowboard early March again and I will post about it with some pictures!!

Also, I enjoyed watching figure skating game on TV last night. Now there are many good players in Japan and Daisuke Takahashi and Mao Asada won the last night’s game. I think their performance, especially steps are really cool! So please watch the videos^^ Since winter Olympic game in 2002 which Sarah Hughes won, I have been addicted to figure skating. Someday, I want to see the games in live!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

English Conversacion

Hi everyone. How are you?

I think about taking English conversation lesson to prepare studying in the US. Recently, I have been looking for a best school for me on the internet. Now, I have some choices and today, I took one of the schools lesson as a trial.

After a counselor talked me about the system of the school and a curriculum, I took the lesson for about 40 minutes. Though I have a class to discuss in English at university, I seldom talk in English in daily life. So it has been quite a long time since I last speak English, especially daily English. Maybe, I have not had good chances for English conversation since I went to Maryland…

It was fun to talk with a teacher in English. The school I visited today has only private lesson, so students have a lot of time to speak English by themselves. Today’s teacher told me that I need skills in listening and using vocabulary, and I should pick up more natural English. Umm..!! I realized that I really lack these skills by today’s lesson.

I have not decided which schools I will go. Also I do not know what types of schools is good for me, private lesson? Or group one? Anyway I also realized I love communicating in English, so I am looking forward to taking next lesson.(←I heard this expression was too formal. But I don’t know how I should say instead (;_;) )

This picture was taken 3 days ago. Do you know Purikura?? This is a game to print out your face. Young Japanese girls love to play it!!


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Last weekends, I went to snowboard in Nagano, where winter Olympic games were held in 1997, with some classmates.

We were so lucky because it was fine. We could enjoy beautiful snow scene as well as snowboarding. After snowboarding, we take a hot spring bath and it helped me to recover from fatigue.

On Monday, I had last exam in this term, so finally I got spring vacation!!!!;) In this vacation, I have a lot of events. I am sure it will bring me great fun^^

bye bye!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Flea Market in Yokohama


Yesterday, I had third flea market with friends in Yokohama. Although it was cold, many people visited our “shop”.

Many people looked at our goods. Young women, people who haggle over the price (-_-), junior high students, little children, old people, some dogs, and so on… I will show you a customer who pleased us.

A little boy came to us and looked at our goods. A friend of mine talked to him “How about this knit cap??” and he said to his mom, “Mom, can I buy it?” The mother said “if it suits you, yes.” The boy put on the cap soon. The cap suited him! The boy and the mom decided to get it and all I and my friends thought the mother paid money. But the little boy took his very small purse and paid money by himself. He looked about 4~5 years old, so we were all surprised and pleased it. He said “thank you” and left with his mother. I will never forget the boy with “Tiger knit cap” ^^

After flea market, we had dinner together at American bar. We ate chicken and I remembered eating it in Maryland.

Bye ~;)


Friday, January 25, 2008

We're All In This Together!!


I was so happy to chat with many friends on last Tuesday. Nina, thank you for giving us great opportunities!!

Now, AGU is in exam term, so most students study hard. I "think" I am one of them^^ hee hee:) Today, I had a exam of French (I major in French as a second foreign langage and Yusuke has the same class;D).

A few days ago, I watched "High School Musical" on DVD. On the next day, DVD of "High School Musical 2" was sold in Japan. Recently, the commercials of the DVD has been broadcasted so largely, and they made me watch the movie^^!! Actually,I had seen the film before, but I can enjoy watching it no matter how many times I watch it! I love the movie very very much(^_^)v

Bye Bye~~~!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Happy New Year!!

Hey, everyone!!Long time no see! How are you??^^

Since I started a new part time job, I have been so busy. I am sorry I did not post for a long time;; Although my part time jobs are hard, I have fun with new friends. And I need money because I will go to Korea in next spring vacation ^^

A term test is coming soon. I have to study hard(-_-)zzz... But!! After the exam, we have long long spring vacation!^^

See you soon!