Sunday, October 21, 2007

Great Time with Friends!

Today, I saw some of my friends of high school!! We belonged to the same tennis club and we always practiced together, so we are really good friends ^^
First, we went to a game center and enjoyed bowling and a crane game. When I did bowling in Maryland, I got only 50 score (!), but today, I got 80!! I got it!! ^^ What? It is not good score? Noooo, 80 is really good for me (^^;)!
We had Okonomiyaki for supper. Do you know okonomiyaki? It is a Japanese food like a pancake which is not sweet. We mix cut cabbage, some slices of pork and a little water into the flour and bake it. After baking, you can eat it ^^ Okonomiyaki is easy to cook, and it tastes good. Let's try^^
I had a really good time with my friends talking about a good memory. We will see in the beggining of the next year. I am looking forward ro seeing them again.

A Flea Market

Friday, October 5, 2007

TDL and Fujikyu~^^

Hi everyone^^
Today, I'd like to introduce you to 2 famous theme parks!
First, I show you TDL(Tkyo Disney Land). We call it "a dream world(夢の国)" because everyone, even old people or too young children can spend good time there. I think TDL is the most popular theme park in Japan. Many people visits there from vatious areas. TDL is also famous as a place for dating. Everyday, a lot of couples visit TDL.
I went to TDL with my boyfriend last week. Now, haloween party is held there. Every attraction was decorated for Haloween and we enjoyed watching them^^
Space Mountain, one of most popular attraction, was renewed and the speed got faster and the length got longer. We were really excited it all the way.
Next, I show you Fujikyu highland^^ Do you know it? It is said that there are many thriller roller coasters.
Fujikyu highland is connected with Mt.Fuji that is the highest mountain in Japan. Mt. Fuji is near the theme park and you can look at beautiful site of Mt. Fuji on fine days.
I went to Fujikyu theme park with my club members in the end of summer vacation. On that day, there were too many people and we had to wait to ride a roller coaster, so we could ride only one, Fujiyama. It was my first time to get on Fujiyama. At first, I feared to ride, but I felt good when I was riding^^ I canot express this feeling... so let's try!!
Our school festival is held from Saturday to Monday on this week^^ Tomorrow is an eve of the festival. I will do double dutch on main stage. I wanna enjoy our performance!
See you.