Sunday, February 10, 2008

English Conversacion

Hi everyone. How are you?

I think about taking English conversation lesson to prepare studying in the US. Recently, I have been looking for a best school for me on the internet. Now, I have some choices and today, I took one of the schools lesson as a trial.

After a counselor talked me about the system of the school and a curriculum, I took the lesson for about 40 minutes. Though I have a class to discuss in English at university, I seldom talk in English in daily life. So it has been quite a long time since I last speak English, especially daily English. Maybe, I have not had good chances for English conversation since I went to Maryland…

It was fun to talk with a teacher in English. The school I visited today has only private lesson, so students have a lot of time to speak English by themselves. Today’s teacher told me that I need skills in listening and using vocabulary, and I should pick up more natural English. Umm..!! I realized that I really lack these skills by today’s lesson.

I have not decided which schools I will go. Also I do not know what types of schools is good for me, private lesson? Or group one? Anyway I also realized I love communicating in English, so I am looking forward to taking next lesson.(←I heard this expression was too formal. But I don’t know how I should say instead (;_;) )

This picture was taken 3 days ago. Do you know Purikura?? This is a game to print out your face. Young Japanese girls love to play it!!



Sophia's Monde said...

Hi Kana! You can say that you are "looking forward" to something, I would not say it is too formal. You could also say that you are excited for your next lesson. That is great that you are so motivated to learn English! Did you see I am coming to Japan in June?? I am looking forward to seeing you all!

Nina Liakos said...

Hi, Kana! I agree with Sophia: we often use "look forward to" in informal conversation. It's great that you are exploring options for a year abroad studying in the US! When do you plan to do it?

Is your conversation teacher a native speaker of English? Where is s/he from? Good luck with your classes. You can practice with me if you want. Skype me (my Skype ID is nina_liakos) sometime.

I missed you at Tapped In today. Where were you??? We will chat again on March 21 (10 pm your time). I hope to see you then.