Thursday, May 29, 2008

I had great time in last Tuesday! I was so glad to chat with you 

Last Sunday, I took TOEIC test. It was my first time to take the test. I could answer all reading section’s questions, but I could not answer listening ones. Humm.. I realized that I need more listening skills!!  I have less 3 months left by my departure to Oregon. I have to study~~ study~~!

As I told you on chat, my preparation is not going well. Last week, I got an e-mail from UO written UO had not got my housing application. But I applied it and paid pre-fee, so I hope the e-mail was mistaken. If my housing form was not applied, I will have to live off campus and find the house by myself! I worry it.

I have lot things to do. But I also enjoy my school life and have good time with friends. This picture is about my friend’s birthday party!! You may be surprised to see it. they are so pretty, aren’t they?? This style of makeup was popular for Japanese girls about few years ago and we tried it.

Don’t worry!! I have never gone out in the style and I will never do so!! Hahaha~~(^^)

Friday, May 16, 2008

My Dream

Last Wednesday, I joined a lecture made by a professor of University of Oregon, which I will learn for a year. The professor is a Japanese woman and she still lives in Oregon now. She talked about her family (her grandfather is Soseki Natsume, a very famous Japanese novelist!) and the lecture was interesting. After the lecture I got an opportunity to see her. Even though I didn’t make any appointment, she willingly welcomed me. There were many her guests and she were very busy and I have little time to speak with her, but I was really lackey to see her in Japan before I go to UO.

Recently, I have many opportunities to think about my future. Though I have lots interest in various fields, I have not decided which job is good for me or which field is most suitable for me.

Last week, I saw a junior high friend for a while. We talked about our lives and she asked me “has not your dream to be an editor changed?” The question remembered me my best dream to be an editor and remake my favorite magazine. Actually I have felt it was impossible to be an editor in my bottom of heart because very few people were employed in publishing companies. But I was moved my dream has not changed for a long time and decide to make efforts to be it.

Yesterday, we had a guest speaker in a class. He is working as a sports journalist. His lecture was really interesting and cheered up our dream. He gave me an good opportunity to think about my special.

I love fashion, movies, sports and etc. Maybe, it is better to chose one field to specialize, but now I cannot choose one of them. Do not need to hurry. Actually I do not have plenty of time, but I want to do what I love and think about myself on my pace:)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Last weekends, I had a coming-of-age celebration in my hometown. Generally in Japan, they have the ceremonies in January, but my hometown has lots snow in winter, so we have the ceremony in May.

Almost all the girls (women??) wear Kimono, a traditional Japanese cloth. It takes lots time for us to wear it and also it cost much money, so we cannot wear it often. We can wear it for special party like this.

After the ceremony, I and my friends opened a time capsule, which we buried 8 years ago. I got a letter from 12-year-old myself. In the letter, many things were written, such as my family, my friend, my dog, myself, my hobby, my dream and so on. To my surprise, I could expect almost accurately how my life would be going on 8 years ago!! The letter sais “I will be a university student in Tokyo, my dream to be a cartoonist will be changed…” Umm, 12-year-old I might understand myself well 

In the evening, we have a party and enjoy talking. Some of my friends have already got jobs and now, they are working member of society. It was so good to talk with them and they served as a stimulus for my study.

Anyway, I spent really good vacation. I want to see my friends again in the near future.