Tuesday, November 6, 2007

AGU School Festival!

Hi everyone^^
Long time no see! How are you? I'm fine~^^
I am so sorry not to post so long time... Recently, I have been a little busy because I practiced double douch every night to show it in the school festival.

Nov.3~5, AGU had a school festival. I joined it to show Double Douch.^^
My team's member were all girls and our team's theme was "Pretty Cats". We acted like cats in the performance and we enjoyed it.

After the festival, we enjoyed playing bowling and having a dinner. I was happy to spend great time with my club members.

And now, I am in my home town. I have no class yesterday and today because of the holidays for the festival, so I came back to my home to rest. Yesterday, I visited my grand parents with my mother and had a lunch together. We had fun to talk about the school festival, my school life, my family and so on. I love my grand parents, so I am looking forward to see them again in a new year!^^

Meg is also in her home now, and we will get back to Tokyo this night together. (Do you remember both of I and Meg are from same city, Niigata^^)

See you soon~~^^