Friday, May 16, 2008

My Dream

Last Wednesday, I joined a lecture made by a professor of University of Oregon, which I will learn for a year. The professor is a Japanese woman and she still lives in Oregon now. She talked about her family (her grandfather is Soseki Natsume, a very famous Japanese novelist!) and the lecture was interesting. After the lecture I got an opportunity to see her. Even though I didn’t make any appointment, she willingly welcomed me. There were many her guests and she were very busy and I have little time to speak with her, but I was really lackey to see her in Japan before I go to UO.

Recently, I have many opportunities to think about my future. Though I have lots interest in various fields, I have not decided which job is good for me or which field is most suitable for me.

Last week, I saw a junior high friend for a while. We talked about our lives and she asked me “has not your dream to be an editor changed?” The question remembered me my best dream to be an editor and remake my favorite magazine. Actually I have felt it was impossible to be an editor in my bottom of heart because very few people were employed in publishing companies. But I was moved my dream has not changed for a long time and decide to make efforts to be it.

Yesterday, we had a guest speaker in a class. He is working as a sports journalist. His lecture was really interesting and cheered up our dream. He gave me an good opportunity to think about my special.

I love fashion, movies, sports and etc. Maybe, it is better to chose one field to specialize, but now I cannot choose one of them. Do not need to hurry. Actually I do not have plenty of time, but I want to do what I love and think about myself on my pace:)

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Nina Liakos said...

Hi Kana! I was glad to see your post this morning. How nice that you were able to attend that lecture and talk to the Japanese woman who now lives in Oregon. Is she also at the University of Oregon, where you will study? I have never been to Oregon, and until last year I had never been to Washington either!

When I was in college, I didn't think much about what kind of work I would do, I must confess. If someone had suggested I might teach English as a second language, I probably would have asked, "What's that?" It's funny how the events in our lives shape our futures. I have now been an EFL/ESL teacher for almost 40 years! (And yes, I still enjoy doing it!)

I am looking forward to chatting with you at Tapped In next week.