Sunday, January 27, 2008

Flea Market in Yokohama


Yesterday, I had third flea market with friends in Yokohama. Although it was cold, many people visited our “shop”.

Many people looked at our goods. Young women, people who haggle over the price (-_-), junior high students, little children, old people, some dogs, and so on… I will show you a customer who pleased us.

A little boy came to us and looked at our goods. A friend of mine talked to him “How about this knit cap??” and he said to his mom, “Mom, can I buy it?” The mother said “if it suits you, yes.” The boy put on the cap soon. The cap suited him! The boy and the mom decided to get it and all I and my friends thought the mother paid money. But the little boy took his very small purse and paid money by himself. He looked about 4~5 years old, so we were all surprised and pleased it. He said “thank you” and left with his mother. I will never forget the boy with “Tiger knit cap” ^^

After flea market, we had dinner together at American bar. We ate chicken and I remembered eating it in Maryland.

Bye ~;)



Ji Won said...

hahaha~ Good boy with a bright future ahead of him. I'm sure he'll go far later on!
Chickens wings look so good! I haven't had buffalo wings in awhile... mmmmmmmmm.... must have some wings..
How were the exams Kana?? ^^

Meg said...

I'm happy to hear you enjoyed flea market^^ I want to participate again if I have enough goods to sell!!

Nina Liakos said...

I didn't know there were flea markets in Japan! Do you sell second-hand items you no longer want or do you make new ones? I'll bet that little boy was as cute as a button!