Sunday, June 15, 2008

Today, I had dinner with Sophia and some AGU Maryland program students. I have been so looking forward to this dinner since I heard that Sophia came to Japan. We got dinner in a Japanese style restaurant (but they sell Asian food, not Japanese food) enjoying chatting. After that, we went to Karaoke for about 2 hours. We sung some songs we sung in Maryland and had really really good time.


Hiromi said...

Hi, Kana san~!
First of all, thanks for inviting me tonight! It was sooo nice to see you face to face finally. ^^ I really enjoyed being with you guys and had a good time! Thank you!

Anyway, I hope we'll meet you again soon on the chat!

eriko said...

This is Eriko-!
Thank you for nice time! I enjoyed eating diner with you very much.

Sophia's Monde said...

I had so much fun with all of you!!! I am in Narita airport right now waiting for my flight to go back to the US. I don't want to go home :( Thanks again for such a great evening :)

Nina Liakos said...

This looks like everyone was having a great time! I am so glad you all got together!

Ji Won said...


It's so good to see everyone's happy face on that picture. I envy Sophia so much for being able to meet up with you all in Japan! いつか俺もいかなきゃあ。。 Anyways, have you gotten all of the 手続き's taken care of yet?