Friday, March 7, 2008


Hello, everyone! How are you? (^^)

Recently, it is getting warm in Japan, so spring is coming. I feel good when taking a walk. I can’t wait till cherry blossoms come out.

By the way, I went to Seoul, Korea as a trip this week. I enjoyed my trip with a friend, Sayo. We have been in good term since we were little children (^^) Although we stayed in Seoul for 4 days, we arrived at Seoul on the midnight of Mar.2nd and left there on the morning of 5th, so we had only 2 days to go sightseeing.

First, we visited Korean beauty-treatment clinic and wash off the dirt. Every staffs spoke Japanese so we were relaxed and enjoy chatting. After taking the bath, we wore Korean traditional cloth called “chogori”. It was really cute and we took many pictures.

Afternoon, we visited Jongmyo. Jongmyo is the royal ancestral shrine of the Joseon dynasty (1932-1910) and it has been inscribed on the World Heritage List in 1995. The Main Hall is too long to take a picture of whole building.

Next, we went to Seoul Tower. The tower is third tallest tower of the world.

At night, we enjoyed shopping in East Gate(東大門). The area is famous of the fashionable buildings. I was surprised some buildings were open all through the night. Thanks to Ji-Won’s advice, we could get nice goods;)

In the next morning, we went to Shotoku-kyu(昌徳宮). This is also one of the World Heritages built in Joseon dynasty. There were so many Japanese people who joined the tour. Sometimes, it was hard to listen to guide’s voice

Suddenly, it started to snow heavily and it was so cold!! We bought 2 umbrellas and I got tights. We decided to have lunch and take a break.

We had Korean-style barbecued beef. They are soooooo delicious!! :) Even though we ordered only 1, we got many side dishes, and most of them were vegetables. I remembered the last night we spent in Maryland, when we went to Korean restaurant^^.

Afternoon, we took a walk in the market of South Gate(南大門). There were many shops of clothes, glasses and laver. Even if it was very cold, many people came to shopping. I bought a laver as souvenir and BB-cream. Recently, this cream is getting popular in Japan, and especially for young women, because a famous make-up artist recommended it.

At night, we saw a popular nonverbal musical in Seoul, Nanta. Performers play percussion instrument through a story. The story is that 4 cooks make diner for a wedding party and they use real cooking tools for the performance. I was really excited to the music they played and the story was also very funny. When you go to Seoul, try the musical! ^^

I had good time in Seoul. In the next time, I want to go other areas of Korea.


Ai said...

Hi, Kana!

Long time no see and I'm sorry not to upload my post even though I promised I would upload my post once a week... I was busy because my part-time job^^;

I also went to Korea last March^^
And I also went to many places where you went to:)

BB-cream!! I found out who recommended~~~,hahaha^^ It's Miss. IKKO, right^^!?


Nina Liakos said...

What an interesting post, Kana! I love the way you interspersed your photos with text to give your readers a clear idea of where you went and what you saw and did (and ate!). Your English writing is improving a lot!

Anonymous said...

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