Sunday, October 21, 2007

Great Time with Friends!

Today, I saw some of my friends of high school!! We belonged to the same tennis club and we always practiced together, so we are really good friends ^^
First, we went to a game center and enjoyed bowling and a crane game. When I did bowling in Maryland, I got only 50 score (!), but today, I got 80!! I got it!! ^^ What? It is not good score? Noooo, 80 is really good for me (^^;)!
We had Okonomiyaki for supper. Do you know okonomiyaki? It is a Japanese food like a pancake which is not sweet. We mix cut cabbage, some slices of pork and a little water into the flour and bake it. After baking, you can eat it ^^ Okonomiyaki is easy to cook, and it tastes good. Let's try^^
I had a really good time with my friends talking about a good memory. We will see in the beggining of the next year. I am looking forward ro seeing them again.


Sophia's Monde said...

I love bowling! There is fortunately a bowling alley also in my town here in France. That food looks really good... unfortunately there is no Japanese food in Lannion :(

Nina Liakos said...

I loved the pictures. At first, I thought they had been taken at Stamp Union! 80 is good, much better than I could do. Good for you!

Ji Won said...

It's good to see you enjoying varieties of activities in life rather than living the same everyday and being stressed out from it. I enjoyed looking at the bowling pictures as well as the flea market ones~! ^^

Recycling sure is good, isn't it? To give what you don't need to others and make some money! Now, that's a smart idea~!

Speaking of recycling~, my sister and I just recently sold her old computer for $100 to a person in the local area who really needed it. He was very happy to get a whole computer for such a low price, and we were also happy because we used that money to buy newer parts to fix up my old computer! Now that computer is practically new and it is my mom's personal computer~ ^^ いいね~

2 old computers - 1 one computer + money + new parts = 1 new computer!